Luciferian Witchcraft Society

Membership of Luciferian Witchcraft Society

We do take requests for membership seriously and assume that you already are evolved as a practicing witch and have a relationship with the Netherlands in some form and are living in the European Union or planned to move to the Netherlands soon.

Requirements to join our Occultist Society

  • Be confortable that some of us use magickal rituals with a 'twist'.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have an active subscription to 'The Occultist' a digital magazine published by Stichting Lucifer.
  • Have reasonable knowledge about at least two different occultist magickal paths, like for example Wicca and Thelema
  • Have reasonable knowledge about Gnostic Luciferianism. If you don't have this yet do become a member of a Luciferian Church first.
  • Have some kind of relationship with the Netherlands, either you have lived here before or are planning to live here in the near future.
  • You currently are a citizen of the European Union and reside in the EU.
  • Able to join voice only chats on Mumble from time to time.
  • You have an above average intelligence 120+.
  • Have a basic understanding that esotericism/occultism is more than just reading books. We are focussed on understanding the why by putting our skills into action.
  • You are open to have your current ways of belief getting challenged by new information, reality models and strategies.
  • You understand the win/win philosophy and why some people use this strategy.
  • You are able to speak, read and write English.
  • You are willing to pass our magickal aptitude test with a choice of inanimate objects (automotive) or animate (birds)
  • You have knowledge of The Art of War by Sun Tzu and The book of five rings by Miyamoto Musashi


Our membership consists of 7 levels everybody starts at level 1, level 2 is normally achieved within two years of dedication and studies. Currently the final level 7 is not maintained by anyone because it is achieved when someone has had a multitude of experiences mostly gained at the final stages of life.


To apply please send your request via email to: lws [ad] orgn [dot] nl with a short essay why you believe you meet our criteria listed above and why we should consider you as a member.


We do not charge membership fees, however any subscriptions of required magazines or books are something you need to be able to pay for yourself or request for sponsoring if you are still a student.

You can contact us for more information.

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